Stainless Steel CFS Series Water Strainers

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Simple and Efficient Space-Saving Design

Conair’s stainless steel CFS Series strainers provide an economical solution for your full-flow cooling water filtration needs.

The CFS Series strainers significantly reduce particulate and debris in cooling water, maximizing cooling system efficiency. As water enters the bottom of the strainer and flows upward, heavier sediment and debris is deflected and accelerated downward into the large debris reservoir in the base of the strainer. Sediment and debris are then purged from the reservoir through the debris flush port.

Stainless steel construction

Strainer housing and screen filter element are constructed of T304 stainless steel.

Compact space-saving design

Reduces floor space requirements.

Large debris reservoir

Heavier debris and particulate fall down, away from the filter screen into the debris reservoir, and can be flushed while the strainer is in service. Backflushing is not required when purging the reservoir.


  • Removable strainer lid with stainless steel bolts and brass nuts on larger models, clamped lids on smaller models.
  • Clean water outlet exits to process.
  • Clean water separation seal seals strainer and separates water from debris.
  • Debris flush port cleaning reservoir. (1.5 inches {38.1 mm} male NPT drain port on all sizes.)
  • Conical strainer screen patented design separates water from large debris.
  • Outlet pressure gauge measures water pressure on outlet side of screen.
  • Inlet pressure gauge monitors inlet side of screen.
  • Inlet dirty water enters strainer.
  • Large debris reservoir captures and collects sediment.

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