Tower Isolation PF Series Heat Exchangers

Tower isolation PF series heat exchangers

Eliminate Fouling on Cooling Surfaces

Plate and frame type heat exchangers offer more heat transfer in less space. The Conair Tower Isolation PF Series perform with one third to one fifth the surface area of conventional shell and tube heat exchangers for the same application. By isolating the tower water from the plant cooling passages the reduction in preventative maintenance reduces staffing and quickly pays for itself.

Superior heat transfer

Get the most heat transfer with the least temperature difference. And keep tower process water to within 3° or 5°F {1.6° or 2.8°C} of the actual tower water at design heat load.

True countercurrent flow

All heat exchangers perform most efficiently and output the smallest approach with countercurrent flow. Multipass shell and tube types lose some of this effectiveness.

Expandable design

Many models are expandable to meet increasing loads just by adding plates. The unit can be backflushed to clean, and disassembled to restore original performance after long periods of use.

Model Comparison