Thermolator® vacuTrac


Control Temperature and Stop Mold Leaks

Keep your operation up and running with the Thermolator® vacuTrac water temperature controller. This positive/negative pressure unit can be used as a temporary fix for a leaky mold or bad O-rings.

The vacuTrac is equipped with a manual three-way ball valve that allows you to change the unit from positive pressure to negative pressure by moving the valve handle on the back of the unit counterclockwise. Changing the unit to operate with negative pressure allows the unit to draw air into the mold, effectively stopping leaks.

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Incoloy heaters

Standard on the vacuTrac, Incoloy heaters resist damage from high temperatures and chemicals.

Three-way ball valve

Quick and easy changeover from standard positive pressure to negative pressure operation.

Lift-off access panels

Convenient, tool-free access to internal components. The cabinet lifts away for easy maintenance and servicing.

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