Volatile Trap Demister Filters

Volatile trap demister

Contaminant/Volatile Drying System Filtration

Conair’s Volatile Traps, sometimes referred to as Plasticizer traps or Demisters, are a solution for processors who find that they are dealing with a significant amount of volatiles or contaminants when they dry plastic resin. Often, these volatiles come from recycled resin, like RPET, and post consumer regrinds, however, it is possible that some virgin resins may also have plasticizers or additives that escape during the drying process. Capturing contaminants ensures your desiccant and drying system performs efficiently and effectively 24/7/365.

The Volatile Trap is installed on the return line of the drying system and filters out contaminants exiting the drying hopper. The hot return line air is exposed to the Demister cooling coils, and volatiles are expunged from the air and easily drained from the system.


The Volatile Trap is great for use with new installations as well as existing systems. All that is required is to match the airflow rate with the proper model size and account for proper line size connections. Your Conair representative can help you properly size a Demister/Volatile Trap for your application.

Extends desiccant life and performance

Volatiles can be small enough to be adsorbed within the desiccant wheel, and may not be totally removed during the regeneration cycle. This limits the desiccant performance and can reduce desiccant life. By filtering, condensing, and capturing volatile gases before they enter the dryer, the Volatile Trap can reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime.

No moving parts

Aside from a water connection, the Volatile Trap requires no other utilities and has no moving parts. Ease of use and quick payoff in a simple-to-install, easy to maintain, highly beneficial package.

Compatible with new or existing drying systems

Even though the popularity and knowledge of demisters and volatile traps has significantly increased over the past few years (due to more processors utilizing recycled materials), Conair has been manufacturing and selling Volatile Traps for decades. Conair’s Volatile Traps are designed for long life and simple use in industrial applications. The Volatile Traps are sized to provide the right amount of filtering for the size of the drying system. The Volatile Trap extends desiccant life and performance, while filtering contaminants and volatile gases before they enter the dryer. The Volatile Trap is a necessary component for any drying system processing material that tends to transfer gases and other contaminants into the dryer.


  • Flexible or Jacobs Ducting Connections
  • Line Size Reducers
  • Bypass Pipe Kit

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