Carousel Plus™ D Models 600-5000

Carousel Plus D600

Massively Capable: Everyday Simplicity

One simple user interface – Conair has eliminated the need to learn different control systems for different equipment. From small to large, fully-loaded or basic, all Conair Carousel Plus dryers now use a common control user interface – AND it’s the same as the blender, conveying control, and TCU.

D Series dryers feature automatic Temperature Setback (to protect resin and save energy), and automatic Dewpoint Control (for changing moisture content). All have highly efficient desiccant wheels, long-life tube heaters and powerful blowers.

Plus, you control and monitor process heat from the dryer, whether you have one hopper or 16, whether you’re heating with multiple central drying hoppers (like a ResinWorks™ sled) or individual hopper heaters, or even natural gas (like the GasTrac).

Pleasant user experience (UX) with a simple-to-use touchscreen control

The DC-B control platform maximizes user confidence. Designed with new operators in mind, the 4-inch “Plus”, or 7-inch “Premium” touchscreen control has new intuitive navigation, with tutorial help screens. Training new operators is easy and quick, making even the most novice operators feel comfortable. The color touch screens feature detailed trending, auto start, password protection and recipe control.

Precise, adjustable dewpoint control

An industry first! The Dewpoint Control function built into the microprocessor control system allows you to select your desired particular dewpoint value. The control then AUTOMATICALLY adjusts various dryer functions to precisely hold the dewpoint selected, adjusting for changing incoming material moisture, resulting in rock-steady dewpoint without swings. All accomplished while using less energy.

Maximum uptime, maximum reliability

With significantly reduced part count, easy access, and less wear, you can expect many years of trouble-free operation. The weight of the desiccant assembly has been reduced by 70%, the part count reduced by 90%, there are no more indexing bed plates, no more cumbersome 4-way valves and no more messy desiccant beads.

DC-B Control Features

  • 4-inch or 7-inch color touchscreen
  • Real-time data trending – air temperature and dewpoint, heater on time %, energy usage
  • Password protected (multiple level)
  • Auto start / stop
  • Energy usage monitor
  • Dewpoint monitor and control
  • Visual alarm
  • Recipe storage
  • Predictive maintenance


Volatile Trap

Allows the operator to monitor the performance of the dryer by providing a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air.

Filter check

A clogged filter will not only decrease dryer performance, it can cause bad end parts, damage the desiccant wheel, pose a safety hazard, or result in unscheduled downtime and increased repair costs. A differential pressure sensor across the filter lets you know when it’s ready for a change.

Drying Monitor

Save time and money by not using improperly dried material. Drying Monitor automatically monitors the heat profile in the hopper, using a 6-zone temperature probe, preventing over or under drying material. An alarm will alert operators of issues.


Allows the dryer to talk with Conair’s SmartServices cloud or your own network via Modbus TCP/IP or OPC-UA communication protocols. Capabilities include viewing data in real-time, pushing commands to the dryer, or controlling the system remotely using the built-in VNC virtual connection.

Model Comparison

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