GasTrac CGT Models 150-700

GasTrac Model CGT350

Slash Energy Costs with Efficient Gas Heat

Conair’s GasTrac™ Process Air Heater uses cost effective natural gas to create the necessary heat to dry your resin.

The unique combustion airflow system of the GasTrac consistently maintains drying temperatures under any conditions, while cutting energy costs below that of electric resistance heaters. The GasTrac Process Air Heater replaces traditional electric heaters, saving you money by utilizing cost-effective natural gas.

The GasTrac is retrofittable to your existing drying system and can convert your existing electric dryer, making realizing energy savings easier.

Clean radiant heat burning

The GasTrac has one of the lowest emissions of any burner available in the world today. The ceramic/fiber matrix burner couples high heat transfer with extremely low emissions.

Space saving construction

Compact design provides a smaller footprint for easy out-of-the-way placement of your dryer.

Unique airflow system

The process airflow is heated indirectly as it flows around the heat exchanger. It never comes in contact with the combustion airflow and contamination.

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