Compact Receivers For Pellets and Regrind

The compact TLR model Tube Loader provides trouble-free material transfer within a central vacuum system. The exclusive, 4.5-inch diameter tube body means that materials will always flow easily from the receiver without bridging. The hinged lid is equipped with a compact vacuum sequencing valve and allows easy, no-tools servicing of the oversized, drop-in, 20 mesh stainless steel filter.

Any TLR may be easily equipped for ratio loading of two materials by the simple addition of a compact ratio valve on the material inlet tube.

Modular, easy cleaning

All chambers come apart without tools for easy access, material changes and cleaning.

Compact, attractive

The 4.5-inch diameter receiver sports an electro-polished stainless steel finish that will compliment any facility while requiring
almost no maintenance.

Versatile use

Available in both hopper loading and direct throat feeding versions, the TLR may also be equipped with compact ratio valve.