DuraLoad™ Series Central Vacuum Receivers


Reliable Receivers for Pellets and Regrind Conveying

Conair DuraLoad™ vacuum receivers are the industry standard for trouble-free conveying of plastic pellets and regrinds. With more than 60,000 receivers installed worldwide, the DuraLoad answers the needs of processors who cannot afford to worry about the reliability of their material transfer systems. Available in either a hopper loading configuration with a discharge valve or direct feed models with a glass hopper, every DuraLoad may be outfitted to answer the needs of your operation with ratio loading capability, heavy duty wear plates, a choice of control voltages and many other options are also available.

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Thick wall steel construction

Five precision engineered workhorse models are provided as standard with carbon steel. Stainless steel construction is optional.

Built-in sequencing valves

Provide vacuum control from the vacuum pump without additional wiring or remote valving.

Modular components

No-tools access filter cleaning, screw-in tube stubs, plug-in electrical components, plus dozens of optional accessories.

Engineered for Long Life

Trouble-free, continuous performance for many years, Conair has built DuraLoad™ Vacuum Receivers with features and functionality required by demanding plastics processing professionals. They are easy to install, a snap to maintain and are backed by Conair’s long-standing tradition of application assistance, eternal customer support and off-the-shelf spare parts. From easy, drop-in filter screens, to extra large discharge throats that eliminate material bridging; to heavy-wall spun construction, these conveying components are thoroughly engineered for long life and trouble-free, continuous performance.

MedLine® duraload series vacuum sequencing valve
Vacuum sequencing valve

All DuraLoad Series Receivers incorporate a vacuum sequencing valve module right in the lid, so there are never wires or extra compressed air lines to install. The lid may be easily removed from the receiver with no-tools lid clamps and a quick-release air fitting.

Quick disconnect clamps

All Direct Feed models feature quick disconnect clamps for easy receiver release and thorough cleaning. An isolator valve may also be provided for non-airtight applications. The isolator valve can also provide demand sensing on 4 and 15 lb. glass hopper.


MedLine® Duraload Receiver volume fill sensor
Volume fill sensor

Provides automatic shut-off of the receiver’s vacuum sequence when the receiver is full. Also drives an alarm out-put on most Conair loading controls if not satisfied during the vacuum sequence.

MedLine® DuraLoad Receiver - Up to 3 ft³ {85.0 liters}
Wear plates

Stainless steel plates, installed inside the receiver body, radically reduce hopper wear-through when conveying highly abrasive materials like glass filled compounds. May be easily replaced, if ever needed.

Stainless steel material contact

Provides stainless steel in place of carbon steel. The 304 grade stainless steel is uncoated internally (material contact areas), but powder coated externally for optimum cosmetic appearance.

Remote demand sensor

To trigger the operation of the receiver (demand) from a location other than directly below the receiver, a remote demand sensor may be employed. Useful on oversized drying hoppers to sense through a window (6-foot cable provided) or when off-loading a granulator (30-foot cable provided). Extension cables also available.

Positive discharge valve

Provides a pneumatically driven discharge valve on the bottom of the receiver in the event that gravity will not sufficiently open the standard flapper after loading. Useful for very light materials or when high CFM drying hoppers are being loaded.

High-heat package

When the receiver is exposed to temperatures exceeding 225°F {107°C}, this option outfits components in the lid (vacuum sequencing valve, tubing, etc.) with high heat capability to extend operational life in a heated environment. All pieces of the receiver are designed for high-heat applications. An oversized vent kit, high temperature level switch, high temperature screen filter, and screen protector are used.

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