K Loaders Central Vacuum Receivers

K Loaders Direct Feed Receivers

Direct Feed Receivers for Low Throughput

K Loaders provide a compact material receiver for direct-to-machine mounting that eliminates an inventory of material over the machine throat.

Only the material needed for one or two shots of processing are transferred, so materials will not regain moisture after drying. There’s also less material to drain, so material changes are faster.

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Modular components

Mix and match components for sight glass size, material and vacuum line size, and other options to suit your needs.

Abrasion free material flow

Materials flow directly to the machine throat from the top of the loader section, minimizing material breakdown from abrasion.

Compatible with your process

Compact size fits nearly any small machine throat and options are easily added to assure optimized performance with dried materials, regrinds and a broad range of throughputs.


Conair k loader disassembly
Easy disassembly for fast cleanout

Modular, no-tools design provides super-fast cleanout.

Conair stainless k loader
Small receiver, yet maximum filter area

Each K Loader model features a no-tools, lift-out stainless steel screen cylinder to maximize filter area and allow fast easy cleaning.


Conair Isolatroropen
Isolator valve

For installations where an air-tight vacuum seal is not obtainable at the machine throat. (K2 only)

bwkw sequencing valve
Vacuum sequencing valve

Allows central vacuum operation and may be mounted remotely or directly to the K Loader.

Conair k loader drawer and insert magnets
Drawer and insert magnets

Stop tramp metal before it passes to the machine throat. (K2 only)

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