CAML-EVB Evacuation System

CAML-EVB Evacuation System

Off-load grinder regrind to a barrel with Compressed Air

The CAML-EVB system uses a compressed air venturi to draw material from granulators or other sources and efficiently direct it to a standard fiber barrel. The EVB includes an elastic barrel cover that contains material dust and allows clean conveying air to be exhausted. An optional “full” alarm can be included to alert operators.

Load resin into barrels

For processes creating smaller amounts of regrind, the CAML-EVB saves floor space with its compact design. No tools are required to change drums, making it quick and easy.

Evacuate regrind from granulators

The CAML-EVB works on demand, from a sensor mounted in the granulator drawer. The CAML will off-load the granulator only when regrind is present, saving energy.

Quiet, efficient operation

Adjust the compressed air supply as needed for distance and material flow. An exhaust filter incorporated as part of the drum shroud keeps dust out of the air.


The standard CAML-EVB includes:

  • A proximity-type demand sensor.
  • Control assembly with compressed air solenoid, filter and regulator.
  • Barrel stand with height adjustable inlet tube.
  • Elastic-edged exhaust filter/barrel shroud with feed tube hole and plexi window.
  • Compressed air venturi.
  • 20 feet {6.096 m} of conveying hose.

Model Comparison