CAML-EVG Evacuation System

CAML-EVG Evacuation System

Off-load Grinders to Gaylords with Compressed Air

The CAML-EVG system uses a compressed air venturi to draw material from granulators or other sources and efficiently direct it to a standard gaylord box. The EVG’s filling tube swivels on its mobile frame and is designed to be positioned between two gaylords, for rapid change-over when one gaylord becomes filled. A “full” alarm is included to alert operators.

Keep granulators empty

When connected to an optional granulator drawer demand sensor, granulators run free and clear of material back-up.

Change gaylords quickly

The EVG’s frame provides “parking-spots” for two gaylords so one may be moved while the other is filling. If only one is needed, the second spot is ideal for locating a mid-size granulator.

Built in overfill alarm

The EVG lets you know when the gaylord is full so you can simply swing the filling tube over to the next gaylord and keep the material moving.


Conair O-Ring
O-ring adapters

Connect the Material Transfer Device to material lines with equal or larger outer diameters.

Conair plastics processing auxiliary equipment
Horizontal bin tube

Install the Material Transfer Device on granulator trays, bins or other flat-walled storage containers.

Vertical feed tube

Inserts into open material containers. Includes a coupling for the Material Transfer Device.

Conair pipe
Granulator Bin Tube Adaptor

Adapts round granulator drawer tubes (up to 2 inch OD) to the material transfer device and provides air inlet for optimal conveying.

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