Carousel Plus™ D Models 15-100

A Compact Wheel Dryer & Touch Screen Simplicity

Available with a 4-inch or 7-inch color touch screen, the user experience has been improved to make these dryers smarter, more intuitive, and easier to learn and use. This makes the Carousel Plus dryer perfect for both existing or inexperienced operators. Designed to work seamlessly with Conair’s SmartServices®, these dryers prove that data is king. With remote trouble shooting, process validation, and total machine control just a click away, this dryer is literally at your fingertips wherever you are.

Have you used a Conair control lately? Contact us to see a demonstration of the DC-B platform and you will find that you have more control over drying dewpoint and temperature than ever before, in a package that is simpler, more energy efficient, easier to use and maintain than any other dryer on the market today.

Carousel Plus dryers from Conair – always ahead of the curve.

Pleasant user experience with a simple-to-use touchscreen control

The DC-B control platform maximizes user confidence. The 4-inch “Plus”, or 7-inch “Premium” touchscreen control has new intuitive design and navigation. Training new operators is easy and quick. Even novice operators feel comfortable. The color touch screens feature detailed trending, auto start, password protection and recipe control.

Precise, adjustable dewpoint control

Included on all Carousel Plus Dryers, Dewpoint Control allows the system to adjust – in real time – to changing incoming moisture of the material while holding a user selected dew point value. This insures a rock solid dew point at the lowest energy usage.

Maximum uptime, maximum reliability, smaller footprint

With significantly reduced part count, easy access and less wear, you can expect many years of trouble-free operation. There are no indexing desiccant beds, no complex air valves, and no loose desiccant beads. The desiccant wheel is solid, and continuously rotating. Start and stop timers allow you to pre-dry resin, so it’s ready when needed.


Audible and visual alarm

A flashing alarm beacon and horn.

Temperature setback

Automatically reduces the drying temperature to a lower standby mode when the machine throughput is reduced or stopped.

Dewpoint monitor & Dewpoint control

Monitor the performance of the dryer with a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air. Dewpoint control allows the dryer to maintain an operator-selected dewpoint level. This feature helps prevent overdrying of moisture sensitive materials such as Nylon.


Allows the dryer to talk with Conair’s SmartServices cloud or your own network via Modbus TCP/IP or OPC-UA communication protocols. Capabilities include viewing data in real time, pushing commands to the dryer, or controlling the system remotely using the built-in VNC virtual connection.

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