Carousel Plus™ D Models 150-400

Automatic Machine-side Drying

Conair Carousel Plus™ dehumidifying dryers guarantee moisture removal from resins, regardless of moisture content. You can be assured your molded or extruded products will be unaffected by moisture content that can jeopardize their quality.

These D Series dryers feature automatic Temperature Setback (to protect resin and save energy), and automatic Dewpoint Control (for changing moisture content). Equipped with highly efficient desiccant wheels, long-life tube heaters and powerful blowers, Conair D Series Dryers can be coupled with 1 or more hoppers for efficient resin drying up to 400 lbs/hr {181.4 kg/hr}.

D150 through D400 dryers offer two levels of touchscreen controls, for the simplest, yet most sophisticated control over the drying of your valuable resin.

Pleasant user experience (UX) with a simple-to-use touchscreen control

The DC-B control platform maximizes user confidence. Designed with new operators in mind, the 4-inch “Plus”, or 7-inch “Premium” touchscreen control has new intuitive navigation, with tutorial help screens. Training new operators is easy and quick, making even the most novice operators feel comfortable. The color touch screens feature detailed trending, auto start, password protection and recipe control.

Closed-loop drying and optional included conveying system

Each dryer uses a 2-blower closed-loop drying system which makes them ultra consistent and efficient, no matter what the location or time of year.

Maximum uptime, maximum reliability, smaller footprint

With significantly reduced part count, easy access and less wear, you can expect many years of trouble-free operation. There are no indexing desiccant beds, no complex air valves, and no loose desiccant beads. The desiccant wheel is solid, and continuously rotating. Start and stop timers allow you to pre-dry resin, so it’s ready when needed.


Audible and visual alarm

A flashing alarm beacon and horn.

Temperature setback

Automatically reduces the drying temperature to a lower standby mode when the machine throughput is reduced or stopped.

Dewpoint monitor & Dewpoint control

Monitor the performance of the dryer with a digital dewpoint readout of the drying air. Dewpoint control allows the dryer to maintain an operator-selected dewpoint level. This feature helps prevent overdrying of moisture sensitive materials such as Nylon.


Volatile trap

For materials that give off plasticizer residue when dried, an optional Volatile Trap is recommended to demist the volatiles from the hopper’s return air and collect them prior to the air entering the desiccant. Volatile traps extend desiccant life, reduce maintenance and include a convenient drain spigot. Volatile trap requires the optional water-cooled aftercooler.


For drying temperatures below 150°F {65°C}, an optional Precooler is required to remove the internal heat of the dryer for low temperature drying. Precooler water connections match those of the standard aftercooler as listed in the specifications section.

Process filter check

A clogged filter will not only decrease dryer performance, it can cause bad end parts, damage the desiccant wheel, pose a safety hazard, or result in unscheduled downtime and increased repair costs. A differential pressure sensor across the filter lets you know when it’s ready for a change.

Drying Monitor

Save time and money by not using improperly dried material. Drying Monitor automatically monitors the heat profile in the hopper, using a 6-zone temperature probe, preventing over or under drying material. An alarm will alert operators of issues.


Allows the dryer to talk with Conair’s SmartServices cloud or your own network via Modbus TCP/IP or OPC-UA communication protocols. Capabilities include viewing data in real time, pushing commands to the dryer, or controlling the system remotely using the built-in VNC virtual connection.

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