DeDuster C-750

Higher profit through reduced scrap, Higher quality parts by removing dust

The Conair DeDuster® C-750 removes angel hair, streamers, and dust from resins, including regrind/recycled resins. The DeDuster C-750 can process up to 750 lbs/hr {340 kg/hr} of dry, granular material. The patented C-750 is perfect for larger-scale machines, such as blow molding units and extruders.

Dust and streamers cause visual defects (such as blemishes and black spots) and weakness in parts. The C-750 pulls the dust and streamers out of the processing material before the throat of the machine, which results in reduced scrap rates, higher quality part count, and increased profit.

Compact size for easy retrofitting, and lower stack height

At only 12 inches {305 mm} tall, the DeDuster® C-750 can easily be added to most production lines with little modification. The blower and filter of the C-750 system can be placed away from the production line, saving valuable floor space.

Scientific advancements to meet your needs

Our engineers were given a tall order when designing the DeDuster. They were asked to design a unit that would remove dust and streamers, separate and remove electro-statically charged dust particles, fit on injection molding machines or extruders, offer low construction height, fit under silos, and reduce remaining dust levels after cleaning to less than 50 PPM. The engineers conquered these demands with a patented cleaning machine that combines a variety of air wash principles with a revolutionary electro-static flux field feature, to remove even the micro fine particles from the pellets.

Performance you can see

The almost “magical” performance is easily monitored through the polycarbonate (or optional glass) window.

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