DH Series Insulated Hoppers

DH Series Hopper

Additional Insulation for Higher Temperature Materials

DH Series Drying Hoppers save you time, energy and money by delivering consistent, efficient drying.

Conair hoppers are designed to promote even heat distribution and mass material flow to ensure adequate drying throughout the hopper. Large access doors and smooth interior surfaces keep downtime for material changes to a minimum.

We offer a wide range of hopper sizes, with capacities from 70 to 487 ft3 {1.98 to 13.79 m3}.

Quick-clean design

Large hinged doors, smooth walls and removable spreader cones make cleaning fast and easy.

Uniform material flow for more consistent drying

Don’t let your material leave the drying hopper before its time. Conair’s air inlet design, smooth material/air spreaders and steep cone angles promote uniform mass material flow. This means material at every level has been exposed to drying air for the same amount of time before leaving the hopper.

Engineered to optimize drying throughout the hopper

Conair hoppers introduce heated drying air low in the cone of the hopper, ensuring that material at all levels in the hopper will be dry when you’re ready to process it. The spreader of the DH Series has been redesigned for improved air distribution in the cone section, and better process air to resin contact throughout the hopper.


Extra insulation in the side walls

Maintains temperature at desired level, prevent heat loss and protect workers from hot surfaces.

Mass material flow

Smooth surfaces and steep cone angles ensure that each pellet is exposed to heated drying air for the specified drying time

Even air/heat distribution

Even air/heat distribution throughout the hopper.The air spreader has a drop tube that forces drying air to material at the bottom of the hoppe

Large access door

A large access door, easily removable spreader cone and smooth interior walls minimize downtime for cleanout and material changes.


DH series insulated hoppers hard pipe kit
Hard Pipe kit

Recommended for pipe sizes 8 inches and above, provides better airflow and a more finished look with less maintenance required than typical flex tubing.

Access Ladder with handrail

For safety and ease of access.

DH series hopper mounted cyclone
Hopper mounted cyclone

The cyclone can be mounted left or right for your application needs.

DH Series insulated hoppers heater pack
Heater Pack

The heater packs for these hoppers mount so that air flows in the top and out the bottom. This keeps the area under the heat pack clear and keeps the hose off of the floor.

Gaylord floor stand

Allows for gaylord bin to fit below the hopper.

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