EH Series Hoppers

Energy-saving Hopper, No Material Hang-up Points

Conair’s EH Series resin drying hoppers save energy, time, and money in your drying process. With thick insulation and uniform heat distribution, these hoppers provide consistent quality with an efficient design. These stainless-steel EH hoppers are designed to promote even heat distribution and mass material flow to ensure adequate drying throughout the hopper. Available in a wide range of capacities from 1 to 70 ft3 (30-2000L).

Polished, stainless steel interior with no seams

Smooth, clean stainless not only looks impressive, it functions better. With no material-hang up points, resin flows easily through the hopper. This promotes better drying of all material throughout the hopper, and a much simpler process of cleanout.

Energy efficient

Many manufacturers talk the talk – saying their equipment is energy efficient. But the Conair EH hoppers walk the walk. As soon as you open the door, or look down into the hopper from the top, you can’t help but notice the thickness of the walls. More insulation means less chance for heat loss through the side-walls. Less heat loss means faster drying times, more equal drying throughout the hopper, and less energy used.

A better drying system

A drying system requires a quality resin dryer. But a system is only as powerful as the drying hopper that resin dryer is connected to. These EH hoppers add into the Conair line for the next generation of resin drying.


Insulated side walls

Maintain temperature at desired level, prevent heat loss and protect workers from hot surfaces.

Mass material flow

Smooth surfaces and steep cone angles ensure that each pellet is exposed to heated drying air for the specified drying time.

Even air/heat distribution


Floor Stand

Stands can be bolted to the floor or fitted with casters. Stands designed to fit over a gaylord are available.

Hopper Loaders

Conair vacuum loaders and receivers mount easily to the top of the hopper. Select from a wide range of capacities to accommodate your throughput.

Distribution Boxes

Mount beneath the hopper to convey the dried material to the processing machine.

Compressed Air Dryers Quick Reference Specs