ECW Series Central Chillers

ECW Central Chiller

Variable Speed Compressor; Modular Expandable System

ECW Series Central Chillers are designed for cooling applications between 30 and 240 tons. They are modular and easily expandable for up to 1,400 tons, using up to six chillers and twelve refrigeration circuits. A choice of single or multiple refrigerant circuits allow for dedicated loads or redundancy and backup for critical processes.

These chillers are designed to work in a system. At any point before or after installation, you can link a control panel for up to six chillers with up to twelve total refrigeration circuits.

Variable-speed compressor

Direct-drive variable-speed centrifugal compressor technology continuously adjusts the speed to match the load. This significantly reduces energy use and operating costs, while extending the life of the chiller.

Resilient construction and simple installation

ECW Chillers are built in an ISO 9001-certified facility using the highest quality materials available. Magnetic “friction-free” bearings are used to extend equipment life. Oil-free operation reduces potential for contamination of the refrigerant, and compressor failure. The chiller is factory wired and piped, ready to be connected and activated upon arrival. Components are easy to access thanks to the multi-leveled galvanized steel frame.

Soft-start with low noise operation

The variable-speed drive in the ECW Chillers limits soft-starts to 2 amps inrush current per compressor. This reduces peak energy demand and extends compressor motor life. The magnetic bearings used maintain the perfect drive shaft position under high-speed operation, keeping noise levels as low as 72 dBA.

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