ESE Series Central Chillers

ESE Series Central Chiller

Dependable, Customizable Central Cooling Modules

ESE Series Central Chillers are designed for cooling applications between 10 and 250 tons, and can be linked with one control to cool up to 1,200 tons. Water-cooled and remote air-cooled options are available in a wide range of sizes, with a choice of single or dual refrigerant circuits.

These chillers are designed to work in a system. At any point before or after installation, you can link a control panel for up to six chillers with up to twelve total refrigeration circuits.

Resilient construction

ESE Chillers are built in an ISO 9001-certified facility using the highest quality materials available, including stainless steel evaporators to resist corrosion. Scroll compressors are direct-drive and hermetic to minimize the need for maintenance. Water-cooled models are equipped with a filtration system to keep out debris and prevent clogs.

Simple installation and maintenance

The compact chiller is factory wired and piped, ready to be connected and activated upon arrival. Components are easy to access thanks to the multi-leveled galvanized steel frame.

Robust PLC control system

The ESE enables quick monitoring and control, using a clear, simple-to-understand display. A single high-resolution LCD touch-screen interface can be connected to up to 6 chillers with individual settings for each. There are also functions available for automating run time and low-load cycling limits to extend compressor life.


Hot gas bypass valve

Install a failsafe for low- or variable-volume systems to minimize heat changes due to compressor cycling.

Integral reservoir and pumping system

Provide the central chiller with a stainless steel reservoir and pumping system already piped, insulated, and wired for a faster installation.

Rotary non-fused disconnect switch

5 kA SCCR (Short Circuit Current Rating) rotary non-fused disconnect switch for safe power lock-outs.

Extended 5 year compressor parts warranty

Extend the standard 12 month compressor parts warranty to 60 months for those applications where there is a need for an added level of compressor parts warranty coverage.

ModBUS RTU communications port

Install a RS-485 connector on the PLC which is located inside the control cabinet.

BACnet communications port

Add a ModBUS expansion cassette to the PLC, a ModBUS to BACnet gateway, as well as a RS-485 connector.

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