PipeMaster™ MCVBH Series Pipe Vacuum Tank

PipeMaster MCVBH Pipe Vacuum Tank

Value Priced Pipe Sizing and Cooling

Conair’s PipeMaster MCVBH and MTVBH Series tanks are vacuum tanks specifically designed as a cost-effective solution for the pipe industry. These tanks provide stable vacuum air for stable sizing and cooling of extruded plastic pipe. Perfect for pipe processors creating product between 2.50 and 24.81 inches in diameter {1.6-63.0 cm}, this vacuum tank utilizes highly efficient spray bars and regulated vacuum to ensure that the pipe maintains precise sizing. The water and air separation technology used maintains product tolerances and surface finishes, while allowing for repeatable quality with little operator interaction.

Simple operation

Conair’s entire PipeMaster system is easy to use – no difficult learning curve for new operators. These vacuum tanks are no different. Vacuum levels are adjusted with the simple turn of a valve. Adjustable pipe supports are available. Spray cooling is used for optimum heat transfer.

Rugged value with 304 stainless steel

Industrial quality, at a price point that makes sense. The MCVBH and MTVBH Series tanks are quality-built tanks that don’t break the bank. You get all the features you need, without paying for all the options you don’t need with other vacuum tanks. All internal/wet surfaces feature 304 stainless steel construction.

Tank lengths 19.7 to 29.5 feet

Tanks are available in lengths to suit your processing needs – from 19.7 – 29.5 feet {6.0-9.0 meters), with single or dual chamber vacuum sections.

Vacuum tanks specifically designed for pipe processors

Conair’s PipeMaster vacuum tanks are available as double-chamber tanks (MCVBH Series) or single-chamber tanks (MTVBH series). The MCVBH utilizes two circulation water pumps, and is available with 1 or 2 vacuum pumps depending on size. The MTVBH single-chamber vacuum tanks all are equipped with 1 vacuum pump and 1 circulation water pump. PipeMaster vacuum tank construction is painted steel exterior and 304 stainless steel interior, with 42-inch center-line height (+/- 2 inches). The MTVBH Series tanks include 192 spray nozzles for cooling, while the MCVBH Series tanks utilize spray cooling and include a dual water filter system with bypass. Whether you’re a brand new processor in the pipe market, or a long-time supplier, you know the value of equipment designed specifically for your process. Conair’s PipeMaster line is exactly that – an entire line of equipment, designed and manufactured from the ground up with pipe processors in mind.

Gravity feed water reservoir for sizing tooling feed

Precision Vacuum Control
Precision vacuum control

Water flow meters
Water flow meters

Recirculation System
Recirculation system

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