PipeMaster™ MDBA Pipe Tilting Table

PipeMaster MDBA Pipe Tilting Table

Automatic Dump for Easy Use

Conair’s PipeMaster MDBA Series Tilt Table (often called a dump table) is the last step in the downstream line. Like the rest of the PipeMaster line, this last stop was designed and built specifically for pipe applications.

Unlike some dump tables that are “one size fits all”, the MDBA Series tables are built to handle pipe lengths up to 19.7 feet, at diameters from 0.63 inches to nearly 25 inches.

Rugged design

Pipe can be heavy. The PipeMaster MDBA Series Tilt Table is constructed with industrial pipe in mind. You don’t have to worry about this dump table not holding up over time.

Automatic line speed synchronization

Designed to work together, all components of the PipeMaster system are synchronized. This includes the tilt table. The table receives and dumps finished pipe like clockwork, in step with the cutter, puller, and tanks.

Smooth operation

The use of the PipeMaster tilt table eliminates typical potential hang-up points in large extruded pipe operations, preserving finished product integrity and uniformity.

Handling pipe has never been easier!

The PipeMaster Tilt Table is pneumatically operated, and synchronized to the line speed in order to receive and automatically dump finished pipe lengths into stacks for easy removal, packaging, shipping, or storage. PipeMaster Tilt Tables are designed with a “V bed”, to guide the pipe, and then deposit it via the pneumatic pivot into the collecting arms. This simple yet durable design, is perfect for pipe processors. Whether you’re a brand new processor in the pipe market, or a long-time supplier, you know the value of equipment designed specifically for your process. Conair’s PipeMaster line is exactly that – an entire line of equipment, designed and manufactured from the ground up with pipe processors in mind. The PipeMaster system includes the pipe head, vacuum cooling tank, spray cooling tank, pipe haul off, planetary cutter, and tilting table– every piece of equipment that you need downstream of the extruder for your process. Finally, equipment just for processors like you, from an American supplier that you trust.

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