PipeMaster™ MSBH Series Pipe Spray Tank

PipeMaster MSBH Pipe Spray Tank

Rapid Cooling With High-Intensity Spray

Conair’s PipeMaster MSBH spray tanks are the second stage of the pipe production downstream line. Just after properly sizing the pipe with the PipeMaster vacuum tank, the PipeMaster MSBH Pipe Spray Tank quickly cools the pipe. Using a spray tank cools the tube in less space and more efficiently than immersion tanks. Also, for pipe processing, immersion tanks can compromise cooling efficiency because they can create an insulation layer over the hot product surface.

The PipeMaster MSBH tanks are highly-efficient spray tanks that utilize the process of extreme turbulent cooling. Cooling water droplets hitting the hot surface rapidly conduct the heat away from the pipe.

Smaller footprint

Immersion cooling processes take up significant floor space. When you’re running a pipe line, you’re already working with pretty large space requirements. Every foot of line length saved counts. The PipeMaster Spray Tank is designed to accomplish the task in as little space as possible.

Simple maintenance

The PipeMaster spray tanks are simple to maintain. Every day cleaning is accomplished with normal wipe downs. Replacement plumbing components are readily available from Conair or your local hardware store.

Tank lengths 13 to 19.7 feet

Spray tanks are available in lengths to suit your processing needs – from 13 – 19.7 feet {4.0 – 6.0 meters). These small footprint tanks really reduce the total line length.

Cool smarter, not harder

Spray cooling quickly douses the pipe for efficient and stable cooling. Conair has been manufacturing spray cooling tanks for decades, and has a firm understanding of best practices. The PipeMaster spray tanks feature a rugged steel construction with industrial components that ensure your pipe is cooled quickly and efficiently. When the next step in your downstream process is the haul-off, you want to be sure that the pipe is properly cured before those pullers make contact with the surface of the pipe. You can trust the downstream experts at Conair to help you determine the appropriate length (and width) spray cooling tank for your process. PipeMaster spray tanks all have 304 stainless steel construction on all internal/wetted surfaces. Exterior surfaces are painted steel. Whether you’re a brand new processor in the pipe market, or a long-time supplier, you know the value of equipment designed specifically for your process. Conair’s PipeMaster line is exactly that – an entire line of equipment, designed and manufactured from the ground up with pipe processors in mind.

Recirculation System

The recirculation system ensures that water is constantly moving around the pipe, for better cooling and consistent spray. An industrial pump, piping, and pressure gauge are included as part of the recirculation system.

Adjustable position product support rollers
Adjustable position product support rollers

Running one size pipe today, but a different size tomorrow?
No problem. The included product support rollers are adjustable, for quickly moving on to the next size.

High intensity spray system
High intensity spray system

Spray nozzles precisely aim cooling water at the product. Regulated pressure, directed spray, consistent patterns – all of these components are designed specifically for pipe processors like you.

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