Railcar Unloading Pull/Push System

Railcar Unloading Pull-Push System

High Performance Bulk Material Conveying From Railcar to Silos

Designed for long-lasting reliable industrial performance, these systems convey up to 30,000 lbs./hr. at distances up to 1000 feet, for line sizes from 4-inch to 6-inch. Bulk unloading from railcars to silos for high-rate applications.

Conair’s Pull/Push railcar unloading system moves free-flowing pellets or powders using modular dual-pump systems (DPDM) or single-pump packages (SPSM).

A variety of options ensure that the system meets the processing needs of your facility. The system can be equipped with: cyclone receiver with angel hair remover, filter receiver in-line for angel hair mitigation and dusting, aftercooler on the pressure blower, variable frequency drives (VFDs), separate receivers to avoid cross-contamination, and railcar empty alarms.

Bulk unloading from railcars to silos for high-rate applications.

Get the high-capacity performance and simple operation you expect from all Conair equipment, custom designed for your application.

Industrial performance with a range of pump options and line sizes

Delivers 8000 to 30,000 pounds per hour over long distance. Throughput rates up to 15,000 lbs/hr for 4-inch line size, 20,000 lbs/hr for 5-inch, and 30,000 lbs/hr for 6- inch lines.

System flexibility for your needs

The DPDM (dual-pump, dual-motor) system gives flexibility in placement of the pump in relationship to the pickup and delivery points thanks to up to 100 HP available, you’ll have no shortage of power. The SPSM system (50 HP single-pump, single-motor) can be positioned halfway between the pickup and delivery point. This allows the pump to use both the vacuum and pressure sides to operate for conveying resin.


Railcar Unloading Systems are custom configurable for each application. Available features and options will vary based on configuration. Contact your Conair sales representative for information about the configuration best for your process.

Cyclone receiver with angel hair remover

For use between the vacuum receiver and the airlock, with an alarm to alert when the angel hair remover is full.

Filter receiver in-line for angel hair mitigation and dust collection

To catch and drop angel hair and dust into a canister with butterfly valve. The dust canister can be detached and emptied without shutting down the system.

Aftercooler on pressure blower

To reduce blower discharge temperatures, which will reduce angel hair creation.

Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on vacuum and pressure blowers

For utilizing controlled velocities for conveying, and energy savings.

Separate receivers to prevent cross-contamination.

Railcar empty alarm

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