Vacuum Railcar Unloading Systems

Bulk conveying system for plastics processing

Railcar Unloading That is Simple and Self-Cleaning

Simple to operate and easy to maintain, the system requires minimal attention and features an easy-to-use control. The self-cleaning feature eliminates typical maintenance while the ground level dust collector and silo-mounted stainless steel receiver provide easy access for filter changes. The VRU is a reliable, low cost and simple solution for your railcar unloading requirements.

Reliable, efficient operation

Loads, power unloads and cleans filters automatically with each cycle.

Turn-key operation

The Cycling Loader comes ready to use, equipped with controls, interconnecting hose, piping and valves.

System Components Included

Stainless steel bulk receiver with 7 ft³ capacity, Vacuum pump assembly with air reversal valve, Dust collector, System control: Standard model monitors up to 4 silos; optional model up to 6 silos, Railcar unloading tube kit, 10 ft. {3.04 m} and 20 ft. {6.09 m} flex hoses with quick couplers; available in stainless steel as an option, Railcar hatch filter

Model Comparison