ScrapSaver™ SSM Models

New ScrapSaver Fluff Feeder

Automatic, Consistent In-Line Scrap Reprocessing

The ScrapSaver™ volumetrically feeds ground light density film scrap to the extruder feed screw in a stable, consistent flow. Conair trim systems handle all kinds of film and sheet waste and return it directly to the extruder at rates of 25% or more. The ScrapSaver contains two separate hopper chambers: one for virgin material, and one for scrap fluff. The side-by-side feed system of the two materials re-feeds maximum fluff without bridging.

Direct in-line reprocessing of scrap material eliminates scrap handling costs and the risk of cross-contamination. Scrap inventory and labor expenses are significantly reduced and additional heat histories associated with secondary re-pelletizing or densifying operations are eliminated.

Long life motor and gearboxes

The vertical scrap auger is driven with a reliable AC inverter motor. The drive system comes equipped with multi-level current overload protection to protect against premature drive and gearbox failure.

Won’t overfeed or underfeed the process

The ScrapSaver™ follows any change in the extruder throughput rate. The following circuit provides consistent feed, avoids “cramming” the flights and eliminates related extruder surging. A low speed cut-out and an internal level sensor with delay timer controls the scrap granulator roll feed to prevent overfeeding.

Agitation prevents bridging

Agitator arms on the auger are designed to prevent bridging in the ScrapSaver machine and keep a consistent flow of ground scrap into the extruder.

ScrapSaver™ Features

  • Custom-designed machine mount flange, for maximum reclaim benefits without surging or
    feed loss. Available in oval throat (OV), rectangular throat (RT), round throat (RD) or square throat (SQ) configurations.
  • Control panel with included meters showing the rpm of the fluff auger and the load on the auger drive.
  • Feed of scrap edge trim and roll scrap simultaneously, for better efficiency.
  • Consistent ratio of virgin resin to reclaimed fluff.
  • Closed loop film reclaim, for reduced risk of contamination.
  • Direct edge trim and roll scrap recycling without densifying or pelletizing.
  • Virgin pellet and scrap view ports
  • Virgin pellet drain
  • Perfect for a variety of material types, including: LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE, HIPS, ABS, PP, and PET.

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