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TrueWeigh™ Hopper TWH Models

TrueWeigh™ Hopper TWH Models

Precise Measurement Of Material Throughput

Engineered as part of the Conair TrueWeigh™ Gravimetric Extrusion Control System, the TrueWeigh Hopper measures the mass flow of material into the extrusion process and sends this loss-in-weight information to the TrueWeigh controller. The controller then accurately monitors or adjusts the extruder screw RPM and/or haul-off RPM to maintain a consistent yield control. This enables an operator to run a uniform product within the tightest tolerances at the lowest possible cost.

Ease of installation

TrueWeigh™ hoppers are supplied with sub-plates for direct connection to the extruder feed throat. Supplied as a blank, the sub-plate eliminates the need for feed throat detailing prior to installation. Simply measure and drill the matching feed throat bolt pattern, fasten the sub-plate in place and mount the hopper. No additional support is needed. Optional custom mounting adapters are also available.

Integral loading support platform

TrueWeigh standard loading options accommodate Conair positive slide gates with vacuum receivers, surge hoppers, stub, or blending systems. Custom adapters are available to accommodate non-Conair loading equipment.

TrueBlend integration

The TrueWeigh hopper can be used in conjunction with a TrueBlend Gravimetric Batch Blending System. The largest hopper can support up to a TB900 with loaders with no additional support required.


  • Mild steel construction
  • High accuracy, precision cantilever load cell
  • High resolution weighing electronics
  • Integral loader/surge hopper support platform for Conair equipment
  • Inspection sight glass (on TWH-05)
  • Clear polycarbonate inspection cleanout door (on TWH-27 and TWH-44)
  • Dust seals
  • Extruder mounting sub-plate (drilled in the field)


  • Stainless steel construction
  • High temperature design (up to 350° F {177° C})
  • Dry air purge ports
  • Dust tight seals
  • Drain valve (on TWH-27 and TWH-44)
  • Positive shut-off valve on inlet
  • Custom mounting adapter
  • Integration with TrueBlend Blender for mono-extrusion line control
  • Special paint

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