TRI Series Trim Inducers

TRI Series Trim Inducers

Automatically Remove Trim Scrap

Use this trim pick-up system with an induction blower for conveying thin-gauge edge and/or bleed trims generated in the production of film, foam, sheet or tape extrusion lines. Trims are picked up from the winder and conveyed in a continuous stream to an in-line granulator system or off-line storage bin.

Closed-loop reprocessing of the trim scrap reduces scrap handling costs and labor expenses and eliminates the risk of product contamination. Trim scrap is restored to its original feed stock value.

Flexible installation

On the floor or in the air, the Conair Trim Inducer adapts easily to the installation requirement of any extrusion line. The unit is supplied with the venturi in a horizontal arrangement above the blower, but can easily be rotated to provide an optimal venturi orientation. The venturi may also be mounted remotely from the blower using additional tubing.

Efficient trim pick-ups

Spun metal bellmouth pick-up nozzles provide a steady material flow without clogging or snagging. Stainless lined metal flex hose allows movement of the pick-up nozzles to ensure smooth trim material flow and prevent plugging in the convey lines. Optional custom manifolds for edge, bleed and/or center trims are adjustable and designed to maintain constant material conveying velocity.

Quiet operation

The continuous Trim Inducer is much quieter than an in-line cutter blower or guillotine system. The blower is supplied with a silencer on the fan intake as standard. Optional silencers can be added to both the venturi inlet and/or the venturi outlet. A sound enclosure can be added to the blower as well.


  • Mild steel construction
  • Adjustable venturi
  • 230V/460V/3 phase/60Hz supply voltage
  • Silencer on the blower inlet
  • TEFC Motors


  • Various venturi inlet configurations
  • Custom pick-up manifolds
  • Silencers on the venturi inlet and/or outlet
  • Sound enclosure for the blower
  • Special voltages
  • Stand-alone starter controls
  • Special paint

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