TrueWeigh™ Control TWC1-12

TrueWeigh™ Control Panel

Accurate, Precise Extrusion Control

TrueWeigh™ Gravimetric Control System allows extrusion processors to put their equipment on “cruise control.” It tracks material being fed to the extruder and automatically adjusts screw rpm and the haul-off device to maintain a consistent product output regardless of changes in raw materials, ambient conditions or processing variables.

The system offers functionality that suits both mono-layer and co-extrusion applications in film, sheet, extrusion coating, pipe, profile, tubing and wire & cable extrusion.

Tightens tolerances, saves material costs

TrueWeigh™ allows processors to run products at minimum thicknesses (+/- 0.5% of set point). The extrusion control system synchronizes the extruder(s) and the haul-off device, optimizing stability of the production process and creating less start-up scrap by achieving production speeds quicker, and reducing or eliminating off-spec scrap.

Easy-to-use, intuitive touch screen

7.0-inch LCD touch-screen controller with full color graphics allows quick and easy set-up. User-friendly screens are configurable to match each specific extrusion process type. Simple menu driven touch screens use a Q&A approach to guide the operator through set-up. The operator can monitor the extrusion control set points, the haul-off control data, current and past alarm status and complete management of material inventory data.

Quality maintained during trasitions

Advanced programming ramps extruder(s) and haul-off drives synchronously. This allows the system to make smooth transitions from one line output setting to a new target output while maintaining product quality.


  • 7.0-inch touch-screen HMI with PLC based controls
  • Monitor one to twelve extruders and one haul-off
  • Recipe book (stores 500 recipes and 250 resins)
  • Trending, diagnostics, alarms and built-in help screens
  • USB output to flash drive or printer
  • Reports (inventory, alarm and status)
  • Virtual Network Client (VNC) Viewer
  • Selectable languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Swedish and Korean


  • Extruder drive control
  • Ramp drives simultaneously or independently
  • Haul-off pulse encoder and drive control
  • Remote mounted touch screen interface
  • Audible/visual alarm
  • Selectable remote communications protocols (OPC, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP)
  • Bumpless transfer
  • SQL Data Output

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