TrueWeigh™ Line Manager

TrueWeigh™ touch control panel

Remote, Precise, Extended Extrusion System Control

The TrueWeigh™ Line Manager allows extrusion processors to put their equipment on “cruise control”. It tracks material being fed to the extruder and automatically adjusts screw rpm and the haul-off device to maintain a consistent product output regardless of changes in raw materials, ambient conditions or processing variables.

The TrueWeigh™ Line Manager has expanded features to control up to 12 extruders, including blenders and haul-off. The expanded functionality suits both mono-layer and co-extrusion applications in film, sheet, coating, pipe, profile, tubing and wire & cable extrusion.

Tighter extrusion and transitions reduce scrap

TrueWeigh allows processors to run products at minimum thickness (+/- 0.5% of set point). Extruder(s) synchronize with haul-off, optimizing stability and creating less scrap. Extruders and haul-off drives can ramp synchronously, so starting up and transitioning between line settings happens smoothly and stays on-spec.

Larger screen streamlines control

The new, larger TrueWeigh touch screen can control more parts of your line – you can ramp up to 12 connected extruders in unison, along with pullers or haul-off, synchronized or at independent rates. Even blenders in the line can be adjusted from the large, comprehensive touch screen menus.

Simplify set-up and reporting

User-friendly screens are configurable to match each specific extrusion process type. The operator can monitor the extrusion control set points, the haul-off control data, current and past alarm status and complete management of material inventory data. Additionally, extensive data from connected blenders can be output in SQL format, for use with Conair’s SQL reporting software.


  • 15-inch touch-screen HMI with PLC based controls
  • Monitor one to twelve extruders and one haul-off
  • Recipe book (stores 1,000 recipes and 250 resins)
  • Trending, diagnostics, alarms and built-in help screens
  • USB output to flash drive
  • Reports (inventory, alarm and status)
  • Virtual Network Client (VNC) Viewer
  • Selectable languages: English, Spanish, German and Chinese. Other languages available upon request.


  • Extruder drive control
  • Ramp drives simultaneously or independently
  • Haul-off pulse encoder and drive control
  • Audible/visual alarm
  • Selectable remote communications protocols (OPC, Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP)
  • Bumpless transfer
  • SQL Data Output

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