TrueWeigh™ Continuous Blender

TrueWeigh Continuous Blender

Continuous Blending in Exact, Precise Ratios

TrueWeigh™ Continuous Blenders provide extremely precise loss-in-weight dispensing of dry solids of various size and bulk densities including pellet, regrind, micro-bead and powder. These highly consistent and repeatable blenders are ideally suited to extrusion processes that require perfect blend homogeneity and extremely accurate dosing.

Designed for extrusion rates to 3,000 lb/hr {1,360 kg/hr}, TWB Blenders are available with up to six component positions.

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Accuracy to +/- 0.5% of set point

The PLC-based control holds each component to +/- 0.5% of its set point. The control uses a proprietary learning algorithm that simultaneously monitors and adjusts each feeder for material flow and bulk density changes.

Homogenously blend dissimilar materials

Easily and accurately blend virgin pellets, free flowing powders, regrinds, granules, flakes, concentrates and additives. Each component is simultaneously metered through material-specific feed augers. A conical cascade static mixer integrates the materials and eliminates separation caused by ledge or step type cascades.

Add-on extrusion yield control

The blender PLC readily communicates with an extruder through an optional drive card to provide yield control. Add an encoder and haul-off drive control card and you can control line speed and product weight-per-length to +/- 0.5% of target set point.


This blender can be machine or stand mounted. The machine mounted design includes a TrueWeigh™ Gravimetric Hopper mounted direct to the feed throat for monitoring feed rate to the extruder or for optional extrusion yield control The stand mounted design feeds material exiting the static mixer through a central tube design to a remote destination

Model Comparison

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