ELC-M and ELC-16 Models Controls

ELC-16 Control for Vacuum Conveying

Versatile Control For Vacuum Conveying

The Easy Loading Control (ELC) from Conair offers a simple-to-use interface for your conveying system.

With the ELC, loading parameter setup can be accomplished with a few simple steps. Available with two application specific models, the ELC is capable of handling all your conveying needs.

Easy-to-read display

Both the ELC control module and optional ControlMate™ pendant have clearly visible display panels. Loading sequence symbols and LED indicators display exactly where your loader or receiver is in the conveying process.

First-In/First-Out demand loading

The ELC-16 control module comes standard with First-In/First-Out (FIFO) demand. Unlike earlier loading controls, the ELC-16 does not load receivers based on traditional demand loops. Instead, the receivers are loaded based on the order of demand for material.

Configure for priority receiver demand

Use the optional ControlMate pendant to activate priority demand for your ELC-16 control. This setting creates a second priority demand First-In/First-Out demand loop, that takes priority over the standard First-In/First-Out demand loop.

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