RCU Railcar Unloading Control


Manage bulk-resin handing securely and economically.

The powerful Conair Railcar Unloading (RCU) package integrates control functions for multiple railcar unloading systems, airlocks, material-routing valves, and silo monitors/loaders into a single touchscreen display. It enables authorized users to view and manage the entire process – railcar unloading, silo sections, material routing, and silo filling – from any connected touchscreen HMI, anywhere in the plant.

Powerful outdoor module

The RCU is powerful enough to manage: up to five railcar unloading systems; up to five airlocks, which transfer incoming material from vacuum-powered railcar unloaders to the pressure-driven conveying and silo-loading system; up to 12 multi-position valves (2-way, 3-way, or 4-way), which are used to direct material flows through conveying tubing to the selected silo; filling and level monitoring operations in up to 30 silos.

Ethernet communication to the FLX-128 Plus network

This module pulls the Railcar Unloading, Silo Inventory, and Plant conveying system all to one FLX 128 network for viewing on any FLX-128 Plus HMI. Simple system backup via SD card.

Outdoor-friendly screen

The RCU HMI screen is larger and brighter for outdoor installation. Even on a sunny day you will have no problems viewing the display. There is also graphical feedback of system set-up, operation and valve position; know your system status at a glance.


Airlock Setup
Airlock Setup

The Airlock Setup screen is where the pumps and silos are assigned to the appropriate airlocks via the green arrows. Any airlock, pump, or silo can be renamed to match any system drawings. Minimum pressure limits in PSI can also be assigned to each airlock/pump combination. One airlock can be assigned an airlock valve to allow a pump to be shared between multiple airlocks.

Valve Setup

Pressing the set to defaults button will assign all the valves are momentary and set the default retract and extend states for each valve in the system based on Selina vortex valves. These setting can be changed manually if these types of valves are used. Valve names can also be changed to match any system drawings. Use the test buttons to test the outputs and inputs of each valve.

Silo Setup

Assign the appropriate valves and valve positions to each silo/airlock combination based on your system drawings. Use the green arrows to cycle through each silo until all silos in the system are configured for each airlock.

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