RCU Railcar Unloading Control


Manage bulk-resin handing securely and economically.

The powerful Conair Railcar Unloading (RCU) package integrates control functions for multiple railcar unloading systems, airlocks, material-routing valves, and silo monitors/loaders into a single touchscreen display. It enables authorized users to view and manage the entire process – railcar unloading, silo sections, material routing, and silo filling – from any connected touchscreen HMI, anywhere in the plant.

Powerful outdoor module

The RCU is powerful enough to manage: up to five railcar unloading systems; up to five airlocks, which transfer incoming material from vacuum-powered railcar unloaders to the pressure-driven conveying and silo-loading system; up to 12 multi-position valves (2-way, 3-way, or 4-way), which are used to direct material flows through conveying tubing to the selected silo; filling and level monitoring operations in up to 30 silos.

Ethernet communication to the FLX-128 Plus network

This module pulls the Railcar Unloading, Silo Inventory, and Plant conveying system all to one FLX 128 network for viewing on any FLX-128 Plus HMI. Simple system backup via SD card.

Outdoor-friendly screen

The RCU HMI screen is larger and brighter for outdoor installation. Even on a sunny day you will have no problems viewing the display. There is also graphical feedback of system set-up, operation and valve position; know your system status at a glance.

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