Central Drying Hopper Systems

Conair ResinWorks™ systems offer a perfect level of manufacturing efficiency. By consolidating resin handling and pre-conditioning into a central area, material changes can take place quickly, cleanly, and safely away from the processing machine. Simplified resin dehumidification is the heart of the ResinWorks system, where multiple hoppers are supplied on a common, pre-plumbed, pre-wired sled, and connected to a dehumidifying dryer to provide superior drying and maximum productivity. Individual sleds can be connected to form an efficient, centralized resin drying area supplying large numbers of processing machines with a wide array of dried resins.

Quick clean hoppers

Located within easy operator reach, each hopper includes the industry’s largest clean-out doors, a removable cone, and smooth all-stainless steel construction.

Color touchscreen control option

Full-color touchscreen control is available for each hopper station, enabling station control form the hopper or the dryer.

Long life tube heaters

Highly accurate, compact ‘tube’ heaters are located at the inlet of each hopper for superior temperature control and minimal energy loss.


Systems that are conceived, configured and designed to make you more competitive, efficient, productive and profitable.

  • Provides full flexibility – any material to any machine at any time.
  • Ten minute material changes – pre-dried, pre-blended material always ready.
  • Clean, neat processing – removes drying and blending equipment from the machine area.
  • Convey small batchs – from dryer or blender to machine.
  • Conveying lines purged – after every cycle
  • Minimizes labor, energy, material and inventory costs

Integrated supply and return air manifolds

Integrated supply and return air manifolds replace the externally mounted bulky manifolds for a simplified installation of material conveying lines to each hopper.

MedLine® ResinWorks System mass flow, stainless steel drying hopper
Mass flow, stainless steel, drying hopper

The Conair ResinWorks mass flow, stainless steel, drying hopper is equipped with an oversized door for quick, easy clean out and thorough material changes. A full length sight glass with level indication lets you see your material level at a glance.

Airflow balancing valve

The new, fully-automatic airflow balancing valve eliminates the need for tedious individual air flow adjustments at each hopper.

ResinWorks with Optimizer

The latest innovation to central drying, the Optimizer option uses AI technology to optimize the drying process in the ResinWorks system. Automatically utilizes the perfect temperatures for varied throughputs, monitors and regulates air flow to each hopper, and prevents over-drying while realizing significant energy savings. Optimizer AI represents the future in intelligent automated auxiliary equipment that reduces energy use and helps processors Make Every Pellet Count.


MedLine® ResinWorks System purge valve
Adjustable Purge Valve

This valve controls material flow from material source to destination. This easy to clean and install valve has a discharge that rotates 360 degrees to allow complete purge of material lines.

MedLine® ResinWorks System slide gate
Slide Gate

Use the Slide Gate to prevent material leakage when no purge valve or distribution box is specified on the hopper.

MedLine® ResinWorks System multiple sled connection kit
Multiple Sled Connection Kit

This option allows the connection between multiple sleds for the integral supply, return and conveying manifolds. For each junction between sleds, a kit is required.

MedLine® ResinWorks System hopper discharge drain port
Hopper Discharge Drain Port

Facilitates hopper draining and clean out

Temperature Setback RTD

Automatically reduces the drying temperature to a lower standby mode when the machine throughput is reduced or stopped.


Options include: Modbus and DeviceNet.

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