Outstanding Performance; Application Flexibility

EP2 Series Portable Chillers are designed for 4 to 43 ton applications. Units are available in air-cooled, water-cooled and remote condensers models in a wide range of sizes.

Using quality components such as scroll compressors, micro-channel condensers, low noise fans, stainless steel brazed plate evaporators and sophisticated controls provide the best available technologies for unmatched performance and reliability in a chiller package. Integrated with R-410A non-ozone depleting refrigerant, the EP2 series functions with the environment in mind.

Available with optional touchscreen control

The EP2 Series Portable Chillers come with a standard controller, with 19 operational and diagnostic lights, or can be upgraded to include the new premium touchscreen controller with operational and diagnostic screens for easier diagnosis of faults. Both controls are easy to operate and completely sealed to protect against contamination from dirt or fluids.

More standard features

The EP2 models come equipped standard with features that other manufacturers would offer as options, features that guarantee long life, simple operation and quality end-results.

Energy efficient

Reliable and energy efficient scroll compressors are used in every EP2 chiller. Units over 20 tons utilize compressor staging for reduced energy use. Save even more energy with the variable speed compressors available on 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-ton air-cooled and water-cooled units! See the savings in the Payback section of the spec sheet. These Conair chillers save you money by saving energy.

Control Features:

  • Start-to-start anti-cycle timer prevents short- cycling of compressor while minimizing off periods
  • Adjustable deviation alarm timer delay to prevent nuisance alarms during start-up
  • Display of compressor and pump running hours helps with maintenance scheduling
  • 3-phase monitor protects against unit damage due to phase reversal or loss of phase
  • Master reset function to restore factory defaults
Mechanical Features:
  • Stepper motor driven hot gas bypass for reliable and precise temperature control
  • Air-cooled units with generously sized air-cooled condensers designed for industrial environments and tested to 700 PSIG {48 bar}. Includes air inlet filters. Condenser fan blade, motor, nozzle, and guard are a single piece assembly for improved reliability. The fan motors have a rugged external rotor design with totally enclosed air over construction
  • Water-cooled units use cleanable shell-and-tube water cooled condensers for industrial environments. Units are equipped with condenser water regulating valve to provide constant head pressure
  • Remote condenser units are designed with divided fan sections which prevent “wind-milling” during fan cycling, that include galvanized steel fan sections and coil baffles, copper tube /aluminum fin coils tested to 650 PSIG {45 bar}, and direct drive multi-blade propeller fans with venture orifices to optimize efficiency
  • External sight glass / fill connection / drain connection
  • Freezestat safety integrated into password protected menu to reduce risk of tampering provides evaporator freeze-up protection
  • Encapsulated high and low refrigerant pressure safeties
  • RTD temperature sensors yield higher precision and repeatability than thermocouples
  • Nonferrous water circuit construction
  • Stainless steel process pump with pressure gauge
  • Fail safe flow switch interlocked with compressor
  • Internal valved bypass line to protect pump and evaporator
  • Internal insulated polyethylene reservoir comes with large capacity and a removable top
  • Smaller footprint takes up less floor space than chiller units from other manufacturers
  • Easily removable side panel allows for quick access to internal components

Control Options:

  • Panasonic PLC with touchscreen interface for enhanced diagnostic and operational display capabilities
  • Refrigeration pressure transducers with sensor fault alarms (with PLC)
  • Setpoint ambient tracking or remote control
  • Hand-held, remote control operator panel
  • SPI, ModBus RTU, BACnet, and LonWorks communication capability
  • Variable speed compressor (5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, and 30-ton units)
Mechanical Options:
  • Oversized pumps for increased process fluid flows and/or pressures
  • High flow unit design for reduced internal pressure loss at higher processes fluid flows
  • Alarm horn
  • Alarm relay
  • Rotary non-fused or fused disconnection switch
  • C-UL508A industrial control panel construction
  • Extended condenser air range (0°F to 110°F)
  • High temperature condenser air range (60°F to 122°F)
  • Low temperature condenser air range (-20°F to 110°F)
  • Wide temperature condenser air range (0°F to 122°F)
  • Remote air-cooled condenser coil coating for installations near coastal regions
  • Pump and tank deduct for applications that do not require the standard internal pump and tank
  • Oversized reservoirs
  • Water circuit designed for use with de-ionized water
  • Stainless steel cabinetry for special applications such as food processing plants
  • Automatic electric water make-up valve for applications requiring automatic fluid make-up
  • High pressure variable-speed fans for air-cooled condenser chillers for ducting of discharge air
  • Modbus RTU, BACnet, LonWorks, or SPI communications ports
  • 4 to 20 mA cooling supply temperature retransmit
  • Emergency stop button to provide a quick means of stopping the chiller
  • Hand-held remote controller with 50 foot wire to duplicate unit mounted controls
  • Special color paint for applications requiring the chiller match the color of other equipment