Perfect for Preheating Non-Hygroscopic Materials

For non-hygroscopic materials (like Polyethylene and Polypropylene) compressed air drying and desiccant drying is not necessary. Using simple heated air can remove the surface moisture from the pellets. Hot Air Dryers are a simple system, consisting of a heater, a blower, a temperature controller, and a filter. This system is typically paired with a drying hopper for effective drying of non-hygroscopic resins. The system can also be used for pre- or post-drying of hygroscopic resins that have been, or will be thoroughly dried by a desiccant dehumidifying dryer.

Using a modular design, the HAD system can be easily configured to work with various plant layouts and drying configurations.

Designed for preheating non-hygroscopic pellets

The HAD was designed to convey continuous heated air for removing surface moisture from pellets that only capture moisture on the pellet surface.

Modular construction

Adapting easily to every plant environment is just one advantage of the modular construction. Additionally, the modular construction allows for designing perfect sizing configurations for your process needs.

Throughputs from 600-5000 lbs per hour in the modular units

Available in five models to best suit your requirements.

HAD Models 600-5000 Product Resources