HP Heater Pack

Heater Pack Model HP

Heat at the Hopper Controlled by the Dryer

Conair’s new Heater Pack provides direct heat at the bottom of the hopper, where you need it most, but is conveniently controlled by the Conair’s dryer control. It’s no longer necessary to make adjustments at the dryer, followed by moving to a separate control to make adjustments at the hopper. Now all adjustments to your drying process are convenient and quick, at one location.

Another significant convenience and cost savings of the new Heater Pack is that only a single power drop is required which powers the dryer and the Heater Pack.

Direct heat source location at the hopper allows for better and more convenient temperature control.

Full-color touchscreen available

In addition to operating the Heater Pack, the DC-B control has intuitive screen navigation which allows you to easily view critical drying parameters such as dewpoint and temperature.

Reduced energy costs

Heating the process air at the hopper inlet prevents heat loss and wasted energy. Conair has engineered the Heater Pack to be the most energy-efficient method for hopper heating.

Optimized airflow

Heater Packs have been designed to accept the dehumidified air at the top, heat the air, and let it exit out the bottom of the heater, directly into the bottom of the hopper, where it naturally works its way up through your material for the most efficient material drying possible.

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