Conair BFS and BFH at-the-throat feeders

BFS and BFH at-the-throat models

Precise Metering Reduces Colorant Costs

Conair Feeders provide injection molders and extruders with a versatile, economical way to volumetrically meter colorants or other additives into...

Conair MCLiquid Feeder

Truefeed LQ Model

Simple, Clean, Precise Liquid Dosing

Put gravimetric precision to work on your liquid additives with the Conair TrueFeedTM LQ Series liquid dispensing system. By weighing...

TrueFeed™ Gravimetric Feeder

Truefeed TF Models

Costly Downtime Eliminated

Optimize your feeding process with the Conair TrueFeedTM Gravimetric Feeder. Units are simple to install and use, extremely accurate and...

TrueFeed™ Touch Control

Truefeed Touch Control

User-Friendly Touchscreen Feeder Control

Selecting the touchscreen control option for your gravimetric feeder gives precise control, optimum efficiency, and extreme savings. Using continuous loss-in-weight...