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Small, Loud, Bright and Affordable Alarm Box

In noisy manufacturing environments, immediately see and hear where your process problem is before you lose production and quality. The Conair Universal Alarm Box signals with a loud, clear buzzer and a flashing strobe light notifying you of a problem.

The many uses include alerting workers of problems with dryers, blenders, loading, material flow, and material levels. Connect directly to existing alarm signals, or use where no alarm signals presently exist.

Wide range of applications

Be notified of high or low levels in bins and hoppers, material flow problems, loading system problems, or blender and dryer faults.

Customize with an alarm kit

Add rotating level switches or proximity sensors and alarms to any bin, granulator or hopper with Conair’s Alarm Kit. We offer kits that signal high or low material levels.

Catch hidden problems

With the alarm box connected to a sensor or other alarm output, know immediately when there is a problem inside a dryer, blender, bin or loader.

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