MG Magnet Series

Conair mg magnet series conveying accessories

Assure Metal Free Processing

There is no substitute for the elimination of tramp metal from your process stream. Damaged screws, molds or dies, plugged gates and clogged filter packs stop productivity and often lead to costly process equipment downtime and expensive repairs. A drawer magnet provides the single best investment your process can make in protection against metal contamination and the damage it can cause. Drawer magnets provide a filter of magnetic power to draw ferrous metals out of the material stream, collect them and allow them to be safely removed from the process stream.

The Conair MG Series drawer magnets are capable of separating ferrous metals too small to be visible, for the utmost in protection.

Superior contaminant capture

Neodymium, rare earth, temperature compensated magnets never lose their power; even when installed over hot, processing machine throats.

Stack-up strength

Up to 10,000 pounds {4536 kg} of symmetrical load may be safely installed above the rugged stainless steel housing.

Easy cleaning

Large, high-torque hand knobs on swing bolts release the clear faceplate of the magnet drawer for easy cleaning.


To match your processing needs, Conair offers many options to streamline control of your process flow.
  • Self-cleaning magnets
  • Material shut-off gate above magnet drawer
  • Vacuum tight magnet drawer for direct feed loaders
  • High temperature gaskets
  • Purge spout
  • Drain port
  • Liquid colorant dispensing port

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