TrueBlend™ High Temperature Models

TRUEBLEND High Heat Models

Dry Air Blanket Prevents Moisture Regain

TrueBlend High-Temperature Models allow processors running engineering plastics like ABS, Nylon, Polycarbonate and PET to blend these resins after they...

Conair TrueBlend™ TBI Insulated Blender

TrueBlend TBI Insulated Models

Material Retains Heat and Stays Dry

When process flow specifications dictate that materials are dried and then blended, your process can suffer from unwanted moisture regain...

TrueBlend™ reporting

TRUEBLEND Reporting Software

Production Data From Your Blender

Rising material costs, increased competition and demands from your customers make it absolutely essential for you to track your material...

Conair SQL reporting software

SQL Reporting Software

Query and Organize Blending Consumption Data

SQL (Structured Query Language) data makes it fast and easy to generate detailed reports and learn more about your system,...